Finding Light

Light and Vision

There is a difference between looking at the world and seeing.

Light, in the spiritual sense, cannot be seen with the body’s eyes.  There is a feature in you that sees with the “spiritual eye”, or inner eye. When this inner eye is functional, you can perceive unimaginable aspects of reality in dimensions that are beyond space and time:

“The retina of outer vision, though sensitive and delicate, may, nevertheless, be a hindrance to the inner eye which alone can perceive. The bestowals of God which are manifest in all phenomenal life are sometimes hidden by intervening veils of mental and mortal vision which render man spiritually blind and incapable, but when those scales are removed and the veils rent asunder, then the great signs of God will become visible, and he will witness the eternal light filling the world.” ~Abdul-Baha

“In order to see, one must recognize that light is within, not without. You do not see outside yourself. Nor is the equipment for seeing outside you. An essential part of this equipment is the light that makes seeing possible. It is with you always, making vision possible in every circumstance. ” ~ A Course in Miracles

Finding the Light In Every Circumstance

So, when we talk about finding Light, we mean the Light of lights. A spiritual, visceral, actual experience of Light. It’s an experience of bringing a neutral mind to every situation, and being committed to bringing peace to that situation, and to your mind through miracles

“The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense, everything that comes from love is a miracle.”

“If perfect love casts out fear,

And if fear exists,

Then there is NOT perfect love.

But only perfect love really exists.

Therefore, if there is fear, it creates a state which does not exist

Believe THIS and you WILL be free.”  ~ from A Course in Miracles

Love and Light

“This love is not of the body but completely of the soul. And those souls whose inner being is lit by the love of God are even as spreading rays of light, and they shine out like stars of holiness in a pure and crystalline sky. For true love, real love, is the love for God, and this is sanctified beyond the notions and imaginings of men.” Abdul-Baha’

What is the relationship between love, light and miracles and why am I associating these three? Because, the world you see is governed by your mind’s interpretation of it. We are all like film projectors, running a movie, we’re the audience and the producer and director. We are also all the actors and the content. “What?”, you say, You think you know “reality”. Everything the appears to happen outside yourself,is of your own creation and does not exist.

“Know thou that the Kingdom is the real world, and this nether place is only its shadow stretching out. A shadow hath no life of its own; its existence is only a fantasy, and nothing more; it is but images reflected in water, and seeming as pictures to the eye.”

So my question to you is, “Who casts the shadow?” Think about this. Where are you, right now, right here, really?

THOSE souls that, in this day, enter the divine kingdom and attain everlasting life, although materially dwelling on earth, yet in reality soar in the realm of heaven. Their bodies may linger on earth but their spirits travel in the immensity of space. For as thoughts widen and become illumined, they acquire the power of flight and transport man to the kingdom of God.

Brother, this is not only possible, but is our destiny. We are entering a new Era. The Golden Age.

Come, join the new kids on the block. Follow this directive from Baha’u’llah’:

Forget all save Me and commune with My spirit. This is of the essence of My command, therefore turn unto it.”

*All views expressed here are based solely upon my own personal experience and do not represent any official Baha’i Statements.