Why Examining Your Negative Thoughts Matters


In Thoughts are habitual, and like addictions, can only be changed through active, sustained acts of vigilance over your mind. In general, people don’t question the content of their own minds, preferring instead to assign the cause of their thoughts to an external source.

We all have been rigorously programmed by the existing “thinking of the world”, what is agreed upon and regarded as “reality”.  and yet, rarely do we pause to ask, “Is this true, is it real.”

A Course In Miracles explains that we are much too tolerant of mind wandering. The alternative way of remaining vigilant over one’s mind and continually offering up the fear-based thoughts we all have – and even those we pick up from others – are within our purview to change. This can only be accomplished by paying attention, seeing a stray thought or swirl of fear thoughts and hitting the pause button long enough to ask for help healing those thoughts. 

We pray, grow quiet, turn within and ask “(Lord, God, Spirit, higher Self), please heal me of these negative thoughts”.

The resulting sense of peace provides a constant solution to the fear, anger and pain we see around us.  When you examine your fearful and anxious thoughts, decide against them, and ask for help, you are automatically placing a coin in your treasury and in the treasury of Peace for everyone.